Cat Mario

Cat Mario - Unfair Mario

is an online game with challenging levels. In Cat Mario game, The player transforms into a character with a face like a little white cat, but carries a human body, which can walk on two legs just like humans..
The task of the player in the game is to overcome and complete 6 difficult and challenging stages. At the same time, they must avoid falling walls and monsters crawling on the way to reach the goal and complete the game stages.
Features, characteristics of Cat Mario Game
Cat Mario game has few stages but it is difficult for players to complete all tasks in each stage. When the players start playing, they cannot finish the game right away. In order to overcome the challenges in the game, players have to spend a lot of time and energy
There are many obstacles waiting for players on their journey.
How to play Cat Mario game
In Cat Mario game, the Players use left mouse to play. At the same time, they also use the arrow keys to control the character.
Use key Pg up (Arrow up) to make long jump
Use key Home (Arrow to left) to move to the left
Use key Pg Dn (arrow down) to go down
Use key End (Arrow to right) to go straight or move to the right.
Let’s play Cat Mario game to relax after hours of stressful study and working . Have fun with your leisure time!
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